Friday, July 02, 2021

Boris Johnson joins my campaign to have Parliament moved to Arkwright's Mill in Cromford

At last! A big-hitter has backed my campaign for the Palace of Westminster to be allowed to fall to ruin and Parliament to be sent to meet in Arkwright's Mill in Cromford.

As I once wrote of the palace:

Imagine how much more attractive it would be as a ruin alive with feral cats, buddleias and fragments of Gothic tracery.

Until now, I will admit, this campaign has gathered steam only slowly. But tonight all that changed.

Home from caring for my mother, I logged into Instagram and found this on the Cromford Mills account.

OK, it says it's Sir Richard Arkwright, but it's clearly our current prime minister. He's in Derbyshire and pacing out the dimensions of a new debating chamber within the mill.

Forward to victory!

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