Thursday, July 29, 2021

Conserving the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Historic England's YouTube blurb says:

The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs were the first-ever life-sized reconstructions of extinct animals, revealing to the public their first glimpse of lost worlds.

Today these magnificent Victorian sculptures continue to surprise and engage visitors on how science and history intertwine.

After Meg the Megalosaurus’ jaw collapsed last May, Bromley Council successfully secured a grant of £19,870 from the Culture Recovery Fund to undertake emergency repairs.

Watch our video to see how the Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs, Bromley Council and conservation specialists Taylor Pearce have used their funding to temporarily repair the Megalosaurus.

You can glimpse the dinosaurs in one of my favourite obscure films: Jack Clayton's Our Mother's House from 1967.

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Frank Little said...

They no longer represent an accurate impression of those prehistoric beasts as I understand it, but they are worth preserving in their own right. If London does not want them, I know a place in the Swansea Valley where they would be welcome!