Friday, July 16, 2021

The Joy of Six 1017

"The Lost History not only gives an account of the different meanings that have been ascribed to liberalism and evoked in its uses, but recovers some of those meanings that have been eclipsed, distorted and eroded." Alex Tebble reviews Helena Rosenblatt's book The Lost History of Liberalism: From Ancient Rome to the Twenty-First Century.

David Edgerton argues that Labour's lost red wall is a myth. The idea that working-class people voted Labour until Brexit came along, he maintains, is a fiction only the Conservatives benefit from.

"Rorty was deeply worried by the widespread but in his view fundamentally-mistaken equation between the questioning of traditional philosophy’s ‘quest for certainty’ on the one hand and the assumption of a truly ‘post-truth’ politics on the other. " Rupert Read on Richard Rorty and how postmodernism helped elect Donald Trump.

Katherine Willis says government policies will promote further loss and fragmentation of the UK's natural environment/

Nick Bartlett has been watching a 1945 Ealing Studios horror anthology: "Dead Of Night is that rare thing – a classic horror film where the hype is completely justified. It’s an unusual film for Ealing, even for the period it was made, but it’s a masterpiece, and aside from a handful of old-fashioned moments, it still stands up today as one of Britain’s very best horror films."

"I feel inspired by this place, it really deserves the restoration and recognition it is now about to receive." Janine Moore takes a walk beside the Bennerley Viaduct in the Erewash Valley.

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crewegwyn said...

Bennerley Viaduct is simply extraordinary. Viewed from a train passing beneath it emerges, then displays its full wonder, then you crane your neck to keep it in view ... for as long ... as you possibly can ...