Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Jeremy Thorpe had two stepsons on the rock scene

Jeremy Thorpe had an ambivalent relationship with rock and roll, as we saw last week. But he did have a close family relationship with it.

Because when Marion Harewood became his second wife she already had three sons with George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood. Lascelles was a grandson of George V and had been sixth in line to the throne when he was born.

The eldest son, David, duly became the 8th Earl, but it is the two younger brothers who interest us here. Because James and Jeremy were both members of the Global Village Trucking Company and are still on the scene today.

You can hear James Lascelles playing keyboards on the track above and read about his music career on his website.

Below you will find a BBC documentary about the band, which draws heavily upon an earlier one made in 1973.

Jeremy Lascelles features prominently - at the time it was made he was chief executive of Chrysalis Music. In fact, he may well be The Man.

Like Traffic before them, Global Village Trucking Company got it together in the country. But life in a commune had its downsides, as Dinah Jefferies once made clear in a Guardian article.

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