Sunday, July 11, 2021

Listen to 50 years of Chelsea history

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If your team wins the FA Cup when you are 10 then the rest of life is bound to prove a bit of an anticlimax.

Those years are being covered by Chelsea Fancast, which is putting up a separate podcast on the club's fortunes since its 1970 victory over Leeds.

The collection is not yet complete, but there are already plenty of good things to enjoy.

I had forgotten just how well we did in the mid-1980s, finishing sixth in the old first division in 1984/5 and 1985/6, while the 1982/3 podcast makes clear how close we came to being relegated to the third tier.

And a theme that runs through many of these shows is that Ken Bates, despite his courting of controversy and rebarbative views, served the club well as chairman.

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