Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Major new donors are approaching the Lib Dems

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Crediting sources in the Liberal Democrats, ITV News reports that the party has signed up five major new donors in the part 10 days, including one who previously gave money to the Conservatives:

The donors have each added their names to a group known as the Liberal Alliance that provide funds to specifically target Conservative MPs in so-called Blue Wall seats.

They include seats on the outskirts of London with populations that are getting younger and more diverse.

Sources said that two of the donors had approached the party out of the blue to ask if they could help.

The donors have signed up to give the Lib Dems £50,000 every year.

ITV News quotes an upbeat party source:

“We have seen a significant change over the past week with a dramatic increase in donors knocking at the door of the Liberal Democrats.

"They will not forgive the Conservatives for wrecking the economy and see us as the main party to unseat many of those MPs in their heartlands.

"They know there is little chance of getting the Conservatives out of power without us winning those seats.”

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Phil Beesley said...

What am I supposed to think?

I welcome donations but, 'cos donors'll have to announce contributions eventually, get on with it. Surely it is not something to be ashamed about?

Thanks for the dosh.