Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Why are Euston and Euston Square separate stations?

In short, because of 19th-century competition between railway companies and 20th-century worship of the motor car. But all that is about to change.

But do watch the video, because Jago Hazzard is always engaging. You can support his videos via his Patreon page.


Anonymous said...

I thought Liberals believed in free markets and letting the market decide what is best for the consumer as was the case in 19th Century England building of the railways,not nanny state planning of public transit paid for by onerous taxes on those creating the wealth of the nation.

In your video you mention the Metropolitan Railway but say nothing about Edward Watkin. He was a strong supporter of Manchester Liberalism, first elected to the Westminster Parliament on the Liberal Party ticket for the Great Yarmouth constituency, and was a director of the Metropolitan Railway as well as a director of eight other railway companies. He also was instrumental in the commencement of the construction of a railway tunnel under the Channel but this was on the objections of Conservative Party members in the Westminster Parliament with the support of Queen Victoria as being a threat to national security.

Jonathan Calder said...

You are confusing Liberalism with the adolescent libertarianism that is currently being broken into pieces as a governing philosophy by contact with the real world.

And, of course, I did not make this video.

nigel hunter said...

Free Markets which are controlled for sensible decision making that helps people succeed.Liberal .Versus Free Market fundamentalism or Libertarianism or neoliberalism, is the market knows best, needs no restrictions,walks over all responsibilities to others.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thank you, Nigel. Gladstone had the sense to intervene in the developing railway industry to ensure that it served all classes.