Friday, October 28, 2022

The Joy of Six 1085

David Hencke on the government's determination to rush ahead with introducing photographic voter ID in time for next May’s local elections - despite a warning that the timetable involved is "likely to introduce significant risk to safe election delivery".

The Crime Survey for England and Wales, which estimates levels of offending based on a sample of 13,500 households, suggests overall crime is falling, with a steep decline in theft. But crimes recorded by police are on the increase, with offences of violence rising sharply. Danny Shaw untangles the data.

Do radical protests turn the public away from a cause? Colin Davis concludes: "When we look at public support for the protesters’ demands, there isn’t any compelling evidence for nonviolent protest being counterproductive. People may 'shoot the messenger', but they do - at least, sometimes - hear the message."

Rachel Cunliffe says there’s something discomforting about the way North London has become the butt of Tory jokes about out-of-touch elites.

To mark the centenary of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land, Literary Hub invites four writers and academics to discuss the importance, context, artistry, and legacy of the poem.

Graham Chapman on a new scheme to boost England's declining curlew population: "The first of this year’s birds to migrate away from Norfolk departed at sunset last Wednesday and arrived on a Staffordshire field at sunrise on Thursday. It then flew towards Ireland and made an anxiety-inducing trip out into the Atlantic before returning to dry land."

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nigel hunter said...

Electoral voting cards.Yes for all people.If the govnt wants to be fair to the voters and want no fraud in elections they will have to act responsibly by issueing them.
There is certainly suspicion that this is a voter suppression tactic aka Trump.
If they are worried about voter identity fraud then a campaign to INSIST on bringing polling cards to the polling station is a must. There is also the opportunity to get a postal vote.