Saturday, October 01, 2022

The Joy of Six 1078

"It appears those who called Friday’s mini-budget a “special fiscal operation” had it right. Not just because of the subterfuge involved in undertaking a full-scale budget under the guise of a 'Growth Plan 2022 speech,' but also because of the government’s inability to foresee its self-destructive consequences." Robin Niblett explains why markets don't buy the government's growth plan.

Will Lloyd witnessed the eclipse of Jeremy Corbyn's supporters at the Labour Party Conference.

"Looking for the reasons for children's behaviour is often equated with 'the soft bigotry of low expectations', lack of responsibility and chaos. Here's why that's a mistake." Take it away, Naomi Fisher.

Harry Cheadle opposes Style Guide Liberalism, which he defines as "a fixation on terms and language that is well-intentioned but inevitably creates a murky layer of jargon between speaker and listener, writer and reader. However egalitarian its aims, it inevitably results in an in-group and out-group."

Corporal punishment can still be used in schools in 19 US states. Jamie Davis Smith looks at its long-term effects.

"It was the photograph that did it. Joe Root pictured on a Scottish golf course while Yorkshire supporters were coming to terms with relegation. Root, the epitome of Yorkshire cricket, grinning broadly alongside Michael Vaughan, Kevin Pietersen and Piers Morgan (none of them particularly renowned for checking the county cricket scores), on a day that had reduced many White Rose loyalists to dismay." David Hopps says there's a danger that professional cricket is being asked to redesign itself for the benefit of established players who rarely play it.


SJ said...

Wow - what a surprise that within 2 paragraphs Harry Cheadle's article turned into a rant against trans people. Truly an incredibly novel and insightful critique worthy of reposting, and I am sure he is right not signing up to the conservative view of gender is the only thing standing between liberals and unending power!

Jonathan Calder said...

Can you quote that "rant" within the first two paragraphs please SJ? I fear I am unable to locate it.