Monday, October 17, 2022

The Joy of Six 1082

"Getting rid of Truss will not solve anything. Her party has come to resemble a sect. Brexit courses like a poison through its bloodstream. Whether old-fashioned Conservatism can be remade in opposition is an open question." Philip Stevens says the Conservatives have been broken by Brexit.

"Mississippi had certain unspoken rules, she told him, rules that didn’t exist in Chicago, where he’d grown up. He would need to follow them at all times. For instance: He shouldn’t speak to white people unless spoken to. If a white woman was walking toward him, he should lower his head and never look her in the eye." Ellen Wexler on a new film that dramatises the life of Mamie Till-Mobley, who forced America to confront the brutality of her son’s 1955 murder.

Matthew Pennell writes in praise of Britain's Asian businesses.

Ann Manov is deeply critical of Holocaust fiction in general and of the work of John Burnside in particular.

"Several of her entries were deleted by other Wikimedians, as the most influential contributors and editors are called. She told that they said a handful of the women she wrote up were not all that well-known. Wade said that’s right, that’s the problem: they should be better known." Timothy Harper talks to Jessica Wade, the 33-year-old who has written more than a thousand Wikipedia entries for little-known women scientists.

Eileen Jones recalls the joy of working with Angela Lansbury.

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