Thursday, February 23, 2023

Julian Sands was in The Box of Delights

There has been no news of the actor Julian Sands since he disappeared last month while walking in the San Gabriel Mountains in California. It seems we have to fear the worst.

Late last year, the Guardian published a piece on the making of The Box of Delights. In it the director of the series, Renny Rye, recalled:

Julian Sands also loved the story and wanted to be involved, even though he’d just finished The Killing Fields and I’d already cast most of the parts. He just has one line as a Greek soldier. 

Devin Stanfield, who played Kay Harker, was also interviewed:

I got on well with the adult cast. Pat Troughton was charming, kind and patient. I remember waiting with him for hours until we were needed on a night shoot with hundreds of extras in the grounds of Hereford Cathedral. We had an in-depth discussion about how his being impaled with a lightning rod was achieved in The Omen.

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