Wednesday, February 22, 2023

The Joy of Six 1112

Tony Heron and Gabriel Siles-Brügge argue that the decision to ditch the UK’s Department for International Trade is a tacit acknowledgement that attempts to seize Brexit 'opportunities' through trade have been a failure.

"The 'grassroots' backlash to a traffic reduction scheme in Oxfordshire is being boosted by an international network of established climate and Covid science deniers and amplified by right-wing media." Adam Barnett, Michaela Herrmann and Christopher Deane reveal all.

"His claim to fame, or rather infamy, will be that of being a man who once wrote a PhD thesis on the links between the political and economic dimensions of a currency crisis, who was himself being fired for causing a currency crisis." Charles Sirey says Kwasi Kwarteng should have read his own book War and Gold.

James Butler reviews three books on the crisis in social care.

"When Striplings (1934), the first volume, appeared in America, it was acclaimed as a comic masterpiece. 'A rare combination of Wodehouse and Rabelais!' declared the president of the American Booksellers Association. Reviews were so enthusiastic the book went into five printings in less than a month." Neglected Books introduces us to the Biff and Netta trilogy by Nina Warner Hooke.

A London Inheritance sets off on a tour of Hampstead.

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