Wednesday, February 08, 2023

The Joy of Six 1108

"In our collective rush to dunk on Greene's idiocy, progressives are failing to notice that she's actually an incredibly effective communicator and strategist for the far right. While her liberal detractors are worried about who would get a better grade on an imaginary vocabulary test, Greene is growing her power, pushing the GOP and the nation as a whole closer to her vision - actual fascism, not the 'fascism' she's always accusing her opponents of perpetuating." The left needs to stop mocking people like Marjorie Taylor Green, argues Amanda Marcotte, and face up to the threat that they pose.

Andrew Page on the need for ambitious thinking on social care.

"Russia’s invading troops were not met with flowers, the paper claimed, only because the locals were too afraid after years of bans on overt pro-Russian activism. This is not so much about winning Ukrainians’ hearts and minds as restoring them to supposed factory settings." Maxim Edwards looks at the propaganda published by the Russians during their occupation of Kherson.

Jonathan Rée takes another look at Friedrich Hayek: "Hayek’s insights into the economic importance of dispersed, implicit, local knowledge could certainly be turned against any absolute doctrine of central planning, but they count equally against centralised management of large firms, and also against the economic power of remote bankers, financiers, consultants and accountants." (Photo of Hayek © Mises Institute.)

The Herero and Nama people have gone to Namibia’s high court, reports Kaamil Ahmed, rejecting an apology made in 2021 after years of talks between Namibia and Germany, which they say falls short of atoning for the 1904-8 genocide, the first of the 20th century.

We shouldn't be worried that the Australian captain Steve Smith will begin an Ashes summer playing for Sussex, says Jonathan Agnew.

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