Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Six of the Best 33

An exclusive tour of Nick Clegg's battlebus comes courtesy of A Lanson Boy.

Jock's Place is damning about MPs' decision to make the use of mephedrone illegal: "in one of their last acts before dissolving their godforsaken legislative session before they come round begging for your votes, members of parliament from all parties have voted to add yet more predominantly young people, possibly your children and friends, to the list of those targeted for death by unscrupulous criminal drug dealers."

The Greens like to pretend they are somehow above politics. Norfolk Blogger catches two of them being just as worldly as the rest of us.

Split Horizons says he would never condone vandalism. Pleased to hear it.

We have not had a lost data story for a while. ARCH Blog catches an officer from the London Borough of Barnet having Memory sticks and CDs containing the personal details of 9,000 schoolchildren stolen from his home.

And Max Atkinson's Blog asks: "Is James Naughtie the most long-winded interviewer in broadcasting history?" Yes.


crewegwyn said...

I think old age is affecting my eyesight [it happens after 50 you know].

Couldn't believe even THIS government would ban megaphones !

crewegwyn said...

Shame Nick is using a foreign-built battlebus. The Volvo chassis is perhaps inevitable [not sure the only British alternative, the Dennis Javelin would be up to it - though they are built in Guildford TARGET SEAT], but would have been nice to see Scarborough-built Plaxton bodywork, rather than the overseas bodywork carried.

[Not sure if it's Van Hool or Jonkheere - perhaps there's an even bigger anorak out there who can opine?]