Monday, April 10, 2006

Given a good dorking

You will be pleased to know that the unrest in the little Shropshire town of Cleobury Mortimer, which I reported last year, has come to an end.

The Ludlow Journal (it's like the Shropshire Star with the hard news left out) says:
After the furore caused by the development at Catherton Road, the council knew Cleobury Mortimer did not just want more housing.
Council Leader Heather Kidd told the Journal: "We believe a mix of housing, toilets and a car park is right for the town."
If only all protestors could be satisfied so easily solved.

Less happy was the experience of the town's rugby team. Having fought their way all the way to the final of the Powergen Junior Vase - the final was played at Twickenham on Sunday - they lost 46-3 to Dorking.

As the Daily Telegraph says:
Cleobury's 1,200 fans - around a quarter of the Shropshire town's population - had only a penalty from Allan Shields to applaud.

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