Saturday, April 15, 2006

Tom Watson has no sense of humour

I am not sure how it does it, but the BlogCode box on this blog does seem able to identify other blogs which Liberal England's readers are likely to enjoy. At present the top four places are held by Quaequam Blog!, Chicken Yoghurt, Tim Worstall and Cicero's Songs. All of these appear in the links for this blog, and I read them regularly myself.

The fifth place blog is a different matter. I can't imagine Tom Watson's blog appealing to anyone who is not a committed Labour activist. As a teenager he must have had posters of Roy Hattersley on his bedroom wall.

A recent posting sees Watson reporting that he has mastered Google Calendar. He then worries that this may mean that everyone can search his meeting schedule.

Yesterday I posted a comment posting out that, according to New Labour philosophy, he should not object to this. If he is doing nothing wrong he has nothing to hide.

That comment has not appeared, but one posted this morning has. So I take it I am being censored.

Cheers, Tom.

1 comment:

Iain Dale said...

Jonathan, have no fear. I'm in 5th place and will hopefully overtake Tom soon! Not sure what you'll say then, though!