Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ward of the Week

The winner is Boston Borough's Old Leake & Wrangle, which had a by-election on Thursday.

But it's not in the same class as Winchester's Oliver's Battery and Badger Farm Ward, where one of the Lib Dem councillors writes a blog.


Hevva said...

I have friends from Old Leake and Wrangle. I presume it's your ward of the week just because of the funky name. I don't think the place is particularly funky though. Depends if you like cabbages I suppose.

Peter Mc said...

Old, Leake and Wrangle: could have been Lord B's solicitors.

David Spender said...

We in Oliver's Battery and Badger Farm will brook no competition! Bring on your Old Leakes, we're not afraid.