Friday, April 21, 2006

Michael Brown arrested

The Liberal Democrats have moved to distance themselves from their biggest donor following his arrest on fraud charges in Spain
says the BBC. You bet they have.

Meanwhile Iain Dale is trying to make Lib Dem flesh creep:

The LibDems were faced tonight with the prospect of having to pay back the £2.4 donation received from Michael Brown (left), who was arrested in Spain today on 53 charges allege forgery, perjury, dishonesty, perverting the course of justice and obtaining a passport by deception. The Crown Prosecution Service applied for a European arrest warrant for Mr Brown on behalf of the HSBC, which is conducting private criminal proceedings itself under the Prosecution of Offences Act. The Serious Organised Crime Agency confirmed that Brown’s arrest was not linked to any investigation by British police.

I can exclusively reveal that the charges relate to the sum of a massive £26 million which has 'gone missing'. This will be very worrying for the LibDem Treasurer Lord Razall, who was Charles Kennedy's link man on the £2.4 million donation. If HSBC can prove that the £2.4 million donation was part of the missing £26 million they may well try to force the LibDem to repay the money. This would bankrupt the Party.

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