Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lord Bonkers' latest diary

The old monster's latest diary is now on his website:

I then spend the day browsing in the Library. One of the things I turn up is the notorious “Schoolkids” issue of Liberator; this caused quite a stir in its day, and reading it now I can quite see why. It is pretty radical stuff: a ban on Gregory Powder; long trousers at 12; a Royal Commission on bedtimes.

Dinner with the Campbells – Ming and the redoubtable Elspeth, who was so memorably played by Sean Connery in A Bridge Too Far.

I also hunt down something that I have had in mind ever since I began to read those stories about the Middle East being in flames over the publication of some cartoons in a Danish newspaper. Eventually I find it: the controversial Fred Bassett strip that caused riots across the South of England in 1962.

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