Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Crawling to Jerusalem

From the Leominster Journal:
A Shobdon teenager highlighted the stance of London peace campaigner Brian Haw at a Sports Relief event in North Herefordshire at the weekend.

While scores of people jogged around a designated track at Luctonians’ Rugby Club in Kingsland, 13-year-old Simon Davey crawled round on a skateboard to draw attention to the enduring one-man protest mounted by Brian in June 2001 outside the House of Commons.

The Wigmore High School pupil completed his challenge in support of the protest, which directs messages of peace against the ‘war on terror’. All Simon’s sponsorship money will go to the Sports Relief fund.

Said Simon’s mum, Sarah Davey: “He pulled himself along on his stomach using just his arms and elbows, it was a rather bizarre sight, but he said he was just going to do this.”

Er, well done. I think.

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