Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sean Woodward and spanking

Only it's Shaun Woodward. Sorry.

What do you make of this?

edna burtin [20/7/2005]
i am a mother of 2 boys, and it is very important that they get smacked when they are naughty, which is very often. once when i was in a supermarket with jason, my oldest son (11) he was baing very cheeky and rude so i pulled down his trowsers and his pants, bent him over and smacked his bare bottom very hard.

And once when i had friends round jason and alex were fighting so i grabbed alex's arm, apologised to my friends pulled down his trowsers and pants and put him over my knee and spanked him hard across his bare backside, i did the same to jason.

Or this?

lola charles [27/11/2005]
I have 3 children, aged 6 months, 2 years, and 5 years. My 5 year old boy has been smacked on a clothed bottom with my hand from an early age for backtalking and other serious things. Recently he has got extremely rude and I am wondering weather I should start using an implement to smack him with, and smacking him bare bottomed. I would smack him bare in public if he was playing up. I am interested to see what other parents think I should do. I have heard a successful dicipline techniqe is putting a bar of natural soap in a naughty childs mouth for 10 minutes works well. Natural soap contains no harmful chemicals and tastes worse than un-natural soap. Have other parents tried this and does it work? Should I hit my 5 year olds bare bottom with an implement?
Loving Mother xxx

Or this?
Emma [22/5/2006]
I am 14 and my mum hasn't smacked me since I was 11. Last week I was cheeky to her whilst my friends were round. After they had gone she told me if I ever do that again she will take me straight upstairs and smack my bottom like she used to. I knew she meant it too, and I will never do that again as I remember it was the most humiliating thing to have friends hear my bare bottom being smacked.
All these must come from a fetish site, you will say. And if the spelling is bad, it can't be easy to type with only one hand.

Not a bit of it. You can find all these postings in a discussion on the website of the Labour MP for St Helens South, Sean Woodward. You can find them in his forum on the subject "Should parents be allowed to smack their children?"

I suppose that as this is all fantasy it is ultimately harmless. But it ought to be an embarrassment to Woodward to have it on his website: he tells us in his introduction to the forum:
As a Trustee of ChildLine I am all too well aware of the problems of child abuse in Britain.
The moral is that while it is good for an MP to have a website and to use it to encourage debate, he really ought to read it occasionally.

And if Woodward is too busy to read it himself, he could always ask his butler.

Later. I am in danger of allowing just as many as sexual fantasies to be posted as Shaun Woodward did. I have deleted the most egregious of them and closed the comments on this posting.


Anonymous said...

It sounds bogus. He probably posted all the comments himself so that he can later opine about the terrible things which appeared on his website and how this proves that More Legislation is Essential Now.

Anonymous said...

Jonathon, I'm amazed you find it 'embarassing' that people are expressing their opinions, whether they are spoofs or not. You make some inverted snob type remarks about Sean Woodwood but who is the real snob here?

Jonathan Calder said...

My point is that an MP should not through negligence allow his website to become a vehicle for other people's sexual fantasies, particulary when they involve children.

As to inverted snobbery, I have always believed that nothing is too good for the workers. But you have to admit there is something amusing about a man with a butler becoming a Labour MP. A little gentle ribbing can surely be allowed?

Anonymous said...

Jonathan, sorry, not seeing any fetishes there at all. I see two parents and one child talking about the use of smacking as a form of punishment.

I don't see anything at all fetishistic in those statements, just a fairly accurate description of methods of child disciplinet hat I, personally, don't think work.

Believe me, I've seen more than a few fetishes described, and that's not fetish stuff. Just overly authoritarian parents.

Anonymous said...

iam 14 i skippped school but a shopkeeper had caught us he took me home. mi mother answered the door she took me to the sofa put me over her knee n mi bare bottom and gave me a lot of smacks with the wooden spoon then her hand which stung and smacked me to mi bed in mi bare bottom. when mi father came home he smacked me downstairs pulled mi skirt down an underwear then he whipped his belt on mi bare bottom he then took his slipper off and gave me 14 hard stinging smacks, it was sore but i laughed at him he stood me up then told me to lean over and smacked me with the slipper that wasnt it he lay me back acroos his knee and gave me a smack wit the spatula then his hand and smacked me to mi room with the belt n my bare bottom which was stinging.
that next day my mum was collecting me i was being smart to her she pulled mi skirt and pants down and put me over her knee and smacked me very very hard all my friends teachers and parents were watching. she took me home mi dad was there he took mi hand and put me over his knee smacking me in mi bare bum with a wooden spoon and spatula he stood me up and whiped me with the slipper smacked me with the belt then he smacked me hard to my room. it needs to be nowadays this happens to maybe children would learn!

Anonymous said...

It's idiots like this guy who help Britain maintain their top position of having the worlds most rotten children.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what it means by the term "child abuse" to be honest. It really dosent have a place here, although I dont agree with this form of discipline, its very, very far from child abuse, I think that people out there who get on their high horse regarding this issue spouting all this trash about rights and legalities should find a new cause to rant about because its getting very old, very fast. You cant tell people how to raise their children, the courts can decide to take the children into care, but they cant tell somoene how to raise them. But thats only in extreme cases anyway, I hardly think the courts are going to put a child into care because mommy smacked his bum for saying dirty words.

Anonymous said...

I think it sounds - well - strange. Some of these children sound very badly behaved so they do deserve what they get, but some children's parents get too out of hand. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Gosh i bet she was embarrassed, would loved to have been there-you put that Madam in her place!. I'm the same, they know a VERY red and sore bum will belong to them (pref with a watching audience) if they play up!. I'M ALL FOR A GOOD SMACK ON THE BEHIND!.