Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lord Levy: We are a grandmother

All governments lose touch with reality eventually. Remember Mrs Thatcher's "We are a grandmother"?

The words of Lord Levy's lawyer - speaking on behalf of one of Blair's inner circle - suggest that this one is now in orbit around a very distant planet.

"Lord Levy remains deeply, deeply disappointed that the police decided that they should use their powers of arrest for the meeting.

"Lord Levy has always been ready and willing to co-operate and to meet the police at any time of their choosing.

"He has always been only too willing, also, to provide the police with any documents that they might have needed, and he continues to do so."

Lord Levy may find there is an unfortunate obstacle to this willingness to co-operate with the police. Back in April Guido Fawkes repeated a Peter Oborne story from the Spectator (the original story now seems to have disappeared):
it emerges that the Marylebone offices of the New Labour treasurer, Lord Levy, have been devastated by a mysterious fire. This took place last November, well before the police investigation began and around the time the House of Lords Appointments Commission raised the first queries concerning Tony Blair’s list. When I rang Downing Street for a reassurance that no papers relevant to the police investigation had been destroyed, I was informed that ‘that is a matter for Lord Levy’.
I expect he was deeply, deeply disappointed by the fire too.


James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

I have it on good authority that his interview at Colindale Police Station on Wednesday was disrupted by a nearby building site literally exploding. Fire seems to break out at extremely convenient times for him. Makes you think, doesn't it?

Never mind Alvin Stardust... has he ever produced for The Prodigy, of Firestarter fame?

Niles said...

Is this the same guy who's been in Private Eye repeatedly for using a flat as an office and getting into trouble?