Tuesday, July 18, 2006

E S Turner: A good innings

In the early days of Liberal England I wrote about E S Turner and his book Roads to Ruin. Sadly, Turner has died (at the age of 96) and his obituary was in this morning's Guardian.

I have a large format paperback from the 1960s which reprints many pages from the early issues of Private Eye. One of them makes fun of Punch for being staid and mentions Turner by name. It is no mean feat to be writing 40 years after you have been dismissed as a boring old fart.

As a tribute, here is a recent article of his from the London Review of Books.


Peter Pigeon said...

A great shame. The LRB is unlikely to find another writer who remembers Zeppelins in the sikes over London.

The Game said...

Always looking for new liberals to come on over and comment on my blog...come on over!!!