Monday, July 31, 2006

Restoration Village: Tollesbury Granary

My mother's mother's family all came from village of Tollesbury in Essex. I had a couple of dimly remembered holidays there as a young child and my mother stayed with relations during the War.

The first programme of the third series of the BBC's Restoration series (retitled Restoration Village, presumably to disbar publicly owned swimming baths in Manchester that take lots of viewers' money and then do nothing with it) was shown on Friday night.

One of the buildings featured was the Granary at Tollesbury. Talking to my mother yesterday I found out that she went to Sunday school with one of the ladies interviewed and we are distantly related to the other. (Tollesbury is rather cut off - it's the marshes, you know).

Naturally I voted for the Tollesbury Granary. You can find details of how to vote on the Restoration Village site and more about the Granary on the Mid Essex Historic Buildings Trust site. You have until midnight on Tuesday to vote.


Tom Barney said...

Greetings from Aalborg. (Last week my greetings would have been from Joensuu, which is a lovely one to namedrop; look it up.) Have you heard of Tollesbury's railway, which had no signals because "the solitary engine, fantastic as are some of its tricks, has not yet developed the art of running into itself"? Is Tollesbury cut off nowadays? Enough yachtsmen shuttle back and forth there from London I would have thought.

Jonathan Calder said...

I have not been to Tollesbury for years, but I am told it is in danger of becoming a select yachting resort these days.