Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yesterday's extradition debate

All Liberal Democrats should read David Heath's speech summing up yesterday's Commons debate on the UK-US extradition treaty. He lays bare the Tories' complacency in earlier debates and the government's... well, let's be charitable and call it stupidity rather than deceit.

Other highlights came from Dominic Grieve:

I have seen the political briefing provided to the Solicitor-General, which starts with the heading:

“Not allowing crime to escape over borders versus supporting the PR campaign of multi-millionaires charged in relation to the biggest fraud in US corporate history.”

At the end, it says:

“The Lib Dems have been spun by opportunistic PR merchants. We are fighting to get the benefits of the treaty for Britain to tackle crime. The opposition are supporting the campaign of multimillionaire bankers accused of serious crimes.”

That is the level of discourse that we are getting.

And, taking valuable time off from his stage shows, George Galloway:
All we want is a special relationship that does not resemble that between Miss Lewinsky and a former United States President: unequal, disreputable and with the junior partner always on their knees.

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Anonymous said...


Just when you start to wonder what use the Hon. Member for Bethnal Green and Bow is, he comes out with something like that and restores faith in the whole thing.

I would suggest here and now that George Galloway is the political equivilent of the BBC. Much of what it produces may be rubbish or a poor copy of someone else, but when it strikes gold you suddenly don't know what you'd do without it!