Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mawhinney caught with his draws down

Plans to decide every drawn Football League game with a penalty shoot out have been universally condemned by my fellow Lib Dem bloggers.

David Nikel thinks: "The thrill I used to get watching Northampton get battered for 90 minutes and end up scoring a totally undeserved last minute equaliser - cannot be matched." Norfolk Blogger thinks the Football League bosses are "pillocks". Tony Ferguson thinks it represents "the Americanisation of football".

Who could have come up with a stupid idea like that?

Step forward - to no one's great surprise - Brian, now Lord,
Mawhinney. The Chairman of the Conservative Party during the painful decline and fall of the Major government, he is now the Chairman of the Football League.

He is best remembered in Whitehall as the only minister who kept a photo of himself on his desk.


Edis said...

This is a variation of the system they use in their (Ice) Hockey leagues. Previously there were no ties, every game went to golden goal overtime. Now if the game is adraw, they play overtime, the loosing team gets one point and the winner full win points.

Possibly an improvement at that end. But the Norteamericanos really have a problem accepting the notion of a draw as a good result.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't appear to be plans to introduce it, merely plans to look at the idea and see if people say they hate it. I'm all for them considering ideas, as long as they throw out the stupid ones.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. By all means take a look at the idea. But only for two minutes so they can get on to more pressing matters like ticket prices, wages, and the standard of burgers in the Football League!