Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Blue Peter Babylon

It's not just today's news story. As sausageNet says:
the programme has also had it’s fair share of scandal ... Most notably, Peter Duncan’s film career before he became a presenter, Janet Ellis had a baby out of wedlock (shocking I know! - especially as it was Sophie Ellis Bextor!), Michael Sundin’s death of an "unspecified illness" (AIDS), Richard Bacon taking drugs at the 40th Anniversary party and John Leslie … well, just being John Leslie!
And it does not even mention the fact that Valerie Singleton narrated Nudes of the World in 1961.


Anonymous said...

Particularly shocking as she left Blue Peter in 1987, and Sophie Ellis Bextor started her music career with theaudience in 1997. A ten year old fronting an indie band?!

Unless of course, Sophie was the older sister who'd appeared on Blue Peter with her mother earlier.

David said...

Bring back Crackerjack !