Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tory boy's drugs shame

A 19-year-old Tory councillor has been forced to apologise - for not taking drugs.

Wales on Sunday reports that Chris Chapman came to public notice when the Labour MP Paul Flynn mentioned his MySpace site in the Commons. According to the newspaper it used to read:
"I've evolved from a little whining pussy to a thrill-seeking wreckhead to a Conservative who still loves the wreck-ups."

He also cited a questionnaire posted on the site where the ear-pierced and spiky-haired councillor confessed to having taken drugs and stealing in the past year.
It seems the truth is less colourful. The paper says:
Wales on Sunday has learnt his 'drug-taking' amounts to no more than a painkiller for an injured shoulder. And his stealing exploits involved pilfering some sweets from his cousin. He has since offered to resign to local party chiefs.

Describing him as "a bit of a prat", one source in the Tory party yesterday suggested Rogerstone councillor Mr Chapman made the comments on the site - since removed from the web - "to make himself look like a man's man in front of his mates".

He added: "He is a bit of a Jack The Lad character. But he is absolutely scared stiff now, the poor so-and-so, absolutely wetting himself. He's like a rabbit caught in the headlights."
Thanks - rather improbably - to Labour Watch.

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Moral Order said...

Of course there are no immature, childish silly little boys in the liberal sphere of political life?