Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Sunday Telegraph on Goldsmith's injunction

It is probably worth noting that this morning's Sunday Telegraph puts together two points mentioned in my first posting on the subject and says:

A confidential Downing Street email was at the centre of the dramatic intervention by the Attorney General into the cash-for-honours investigation, it can be revealed.

Details of the email relating to one of Tony Blair's closest aides and a senior Labour Party fund-raiser had been obtained by the BBC which was preparing to read excerpts on air as evidence of a Downing Street "cover-up".

The email is understood to relate to Ruth Turner, the head of government relations, and Lord Levy, Labour's chief fund-raiser, who have both been arrested over the alleged awarding of honours in return for big loans to the party.

Scotland Yard sought the 11th-hour assistance of Lord Goldsmith, the Attorney General, amid fears that its year-long investigation was about to be undermined by the television broadcast.

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Anonymous said...

Surely his Goldsmithness's time is up? How can we have any respect for our constitution when a government appointee is responsible for hushing up the press in relation to an inquiry into the ... er ... government?

BTW I came to you after spotting this
on - I reckon they got it spot on!