Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Top searching

Everyone else does it, so why shouldn't I?

Here are some of the more unusual searches that have led to people arriving at Liberal England in recent weeks...
  • joan hickson topless
  • stiperstones sex
  • the most bonkers cheese maker in England
  • newspaper deliverers in canal winchester
  • mike gatting naked
  • this horrible bastard blair
  • naked men melton mowbray
  • george formby one eye wooden leg
  • being smacked with a rolled-up radio times
  • south wales monastery elephant


Joe Taylor said...

Thanks for the chuckle - some of those really are quite special.

Highwaylass said...

Suspect the person searching for "being smacked with a rolled up radio times" is a closet Victoria Wood fan who failed to remember that it was in fact a Woman's Weekly!