Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Daily Mail has it in for Lembit Opik

Later. As Auberius points out in his comment below, this story comes from December 2006 but has mysteriously reappeared on the Mail's website with today's date. No wonder it seemed familiar.

There is nothing new about that. And probably nothing new about its story that the Lib Dem MP for Montgomery has lobbied for Gabriela and Monica Irimia (aka The Cheeky Girls) to be allowed to remain in Britain.

As the paper itself admits, his intervention "did not break any rules since he made clear his personal interest in the case".

Still, a period of silence on Mr Opik's part - or at least of concentration on the finer points of his housing brief - would be welcome.

At least my moral still holds good.

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Gareth Aubrey said...

Erm, clearly something weird has happened i either the Mail's server or editorial staff; this happened in 2006, and this story is clearly the Mail's story from then ("even though Romania is set to join the EU in January and they will have the right to stay in Britain" being the critical giveaway.)

Not, of course, that it would be unusual for the Mail to recycle a story two years late, but still...