Sunday, April 06, 2008

Photograph of the Day: Enoch Powell on a pogo stick

Thanks to Statesman or Skatesman.

Lord Bonkers adds: It is a little known fact that Powell would often ride a pogo stick while delivering his speeches. The effect was rather like this:
As I look ahead, [boing] I am filled [boing] with foreboding. [boing] Like the Roman, [boing] I seem to see [boing] "the River Tiber [boing] foaming with much [boing] blood".


Anonymous said...

Maybe his speechwriter told him that his speeches needed more 'energy'?

Anonymous said...

Enoch advised public speakers not to have a piss before a pseech. He felt the need to urinate gave an element of urgency to the speech. A full baldder on a pogo stick while speaking in public - what a man!