Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Unexploded World War II bomb found at Ratlinghope

This is what people buy the Shropshire Star for:

Workmen digging at a Shropshire farm uncovered a World War Two bomb believed to have been dropped by German airmen more than 60 years ago.

Bomb experts exploded the device in a field near the farm in Ratlinghope last night after it was dug up during conversion work. The site of the bomb is where the popular Farmer Phil’s Music Festival is held each year.

A couple of thoughts.

This makes the achievement of Pussywillow in living to the age of 26 all the more remarkable.

Mystery at Witchend, the first of Malcolm Saville's Lone Pine stories, revolved around a German attempt to undermine the Allied war effort by blowing up a reservoir in a valley of the Long Mynd. This has always seemed rather optimistic to me, but maybe they really did see rural south Shropshire as a key theatre of war.

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