Saturday, April 12, 2008

TV Film of the Week: Millions Like Us

Made in 1943, Millions Like Us shows life on the home front during World War II and the contribution made by women to industrial production in particular. The action is centred on an aircraft factory where women from a wide variety of backgrounds learn the ropes under the steely eye of the foreman Eric Portman.

Patricia Roc marries an impossibly youthful Gordon Jackson, while there is a blossoming romance across the class barriers (tentative, because no one then knew what Britain would be like after the war) between Portman and Anne Crawford.

Add to this several appearances by Charters and Caldicott and a running gag about "the man from Market Harborough", and no admirer of the forties heyday of British film can fail to enjoy this one.

Millions Like Us is on at 1330 on Monday 14 April (Channel 4).

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