Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nick Clegg superstud

Women began queuing early in the morning when they heard that the new Lib Dem leader was in town.

Note the brilliance of our party's press operation: they arrange for news of Nick's embarrassing GQ interview to leak out on 1 April so that everyone will assume it is a spoof.


HE Elsom said...

It was on the same page as the Guardian's real prank (by-lined Avril de Poisson) and I still thought the Clegg story was the spoof.

Anonymous said...

No-one in their right mind could think that Nick Clegg is that appealing, hence people thinking it was a spoof.

rob's uncle said...

Not 'queueing' but 'queuing', I suggest . .

Jonathan Calder said...

The Oxford prefers "queuing", so I made the change.