Monday, June 23, 2008

David Icke to stand in Haltemprice & Howden by-election

Last week I reported that Icke was thinking of standing in David Davis's by-election.

Now his website is saying that David Icke will definitely stand.

Time, perhaps, to remember Terry Wogan's finest hour...


Anonymous said...


Maybe you could interview him? But that wouldn't be as easy. David Icke certainly as some pretty far out ideas, but is also very articulate when discussing some of the more stomacable subjects which seem to be neglected by a largely unquestioning mainstream media. How much do you know about David Icke other than what you have read in sensasionalist media accounts?

Anonymous said...

Why is it time to remember, as you put it, Terry Wogans finest hour?!

The TV programme you refer to was broadcast 20 years ago and has little or no relation to a by election being staged in the present - except perhaps in the mind of a person living with stereo typical ideas that belong back in the 1980's!

In any case most of the stuff Icke has said has come true, and Wogan has shuffled off into the ether like a fat drunk! So if you do really believe that Wogans finest hour was spent rubbishing the truth of a genuine man who has been trying to alert the general public to corruption and fear mongering then you are a rather sad fella!

The tide is, as they say, turning, and the desperation in the tone of your blog indicates that you may not have realised it just yet!

Love to you all.


Anonymous said...

What an incredibly cheap shot to people of "David Icke's finest hour" some 20 years ago. If you took time to listen to what the man had to say, you would discover that everything he was warning about back then has and is coming to pass. Continue to make the choice to sleepwalk into a totalitarian police state or wake up to the world around you or you will soon regret ignoring the elephant in the room that gets fatter by the day.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, oh dear Mr Calder, I think you may have become confused somewhere along the rocky road to dumbsville!

Or perhaps not, more than likely you simply haven't read any of Icke's work or perhaps you have and are a little too souless to digest any of it!

I took a look at some of your own writing a moment ago and it seemed quite possible to me that you yourself had fallen on hard times - in an entirely creative sense of course - I am sure the old boys club is keeping your wobbly belly full of hot euros!

In any case it is fact that you have been over taken in the media food chain by a man who 20 years ago, wore a purple shellsuit on TV! Deal with it!

The Wogan show came and went, and yet David Icke has spent his days educating normal people, people who now have a handle on the slimey methods that governments use to enslave the people.

Icke has spent his life with his neck on the line and perhaps that is something you need to remember the next time you are vomiting out another hopeless, middle of the road article that may you giggle - but in the grand scheme of things does little else other than making a fat man wobble.

I seem to have insulted you a few times Mr Calder, but I promise that I have done so only in jest, and to liven up your snooty blog. I am myself a good man Mr Calder and up for the challenge so to speak... the challenge is to make people aware of little pap crumbles like yourself who are trying to hold back the entire human race for their own gains... and you must admit the rabbit is beginning to creep from the hat!

Keep up the good work and partake in a little alternative reading, perhaps Icke? Because after all, a writer that scribbles more than he reads is no better than a monkey whacking off in the jungle!

lolla said...

Good grief, another example of yellow journalism, trying to tar those with a truth to their tale, from communicating that truth to others.

David Icke is a poison dart in the arse of people like this system server Calder, a tragic pathetic attempt to prevent the guillable flock from giving David Icke the time of day.

But i think the days of yellow journalism are coming to an end and the truth will set us free, from the lies these buffoons spread daily.

Calder, grow a spine and start looking deeper into the rabbit hole, read and re-educate yourself for goodness sake. People are not falling for this crap anymore. Your surfdom to the system elites is a reflection of how deeply imbalanced you are.

Anonymous said...

not to mention looking for 'David Icke Wogan' brings up a longer clip on Icke reapperaing on Wogan in 2006, with Wogan admitting he now feels embarrased by that clip

Anonymous said...

Incase you don't know what David Icke has to say these days, this interview should give you a very good idea of where he's coming from:

Despite the fact that the mainstream media wants to portray him as some kind of fruitloop, he actually comes across as very articulate, intelligent and sane. I'd listen to him over any politican I've ever heard speak...

Jonathan Calder said...

The by election result:

David Michael Davis - Conservative Party 17,113 votes
Shan Oakes - Green Party 1,758
Joanne Robinson - English Democrats 1,714
Tess Culnane - National Front Britain for the British 544
Gemma Dawn Garrett - Miss Great Britain Party 521
Jill Saward - Independent 492
Mad Cow-Girl - The Official Monster Raving Loony Party 412
Walter Edward Sweeney - Independent 238
John Nicholson - Independent 162
David Craig - Independent 135
David Pinder - The New Party 135
David Icke - No party listed 110
Hamish Howitt - Freedom 4 Choice 91
Christopher John Talbot - Socialist Equality Party 84
Grace Christine Astley - Independent 77
George Hargreaves - Christian Party 76
David Laurence Bishop - Church of the Militant Elvis Party 44
John Randle Upex - Independent 38
Greg Wood - Independent 32
Eamonn Fitzpatrick - Independent 31
Ronnie Carroll - Make Politicians History 29
Thomas Faithful Darwood - Independent 25
Christopher Mark Foren - Independent 23
Herbert Winford Crossman - Independent 11
Tony Farnon - Independent 8
Norman Scarth - Independent 8

I think your Mr Icke has a little work to do.

Anonymous said...

''Tess Culnane - National Front 544'' doesn't? What's your point?

No. Icke was cruelly bullied at the time and to laugh at the recollection hardly makes you a gentleman.

This time Icke neglected to advise anyone to vote for him but instead gave out information in more than one public meeting. Why not be as clear as was, attempt to match his intelligence and tell us which of the points he made at the by-election that you didn't believe?

There's a challenge for you.