Monday, June 23, 2008

Trivial Musical Fact of the Day

According to Wikipedia - the whole school will stay in until the boy who laughed owns up - Richard Thompson and Hugh Cornwell were in a band together at school. It was called Emil and the Detectives.

Great fun as the Stranglers were, this confirms my view that they were a pub band that got lucky rather than real punk rockers. Cornwell and his bandmates were part of the sixties generation, not a reaction to it.

Similarly, when Steve Winwood's first solo album came out in 1977 he was dismissed as a rock dinosaur. But despite having been a star for more than a decade, he was hardly older than many of his critics in the punk movement.

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Tristan said...

That's a new one on me :)

I long for the release of the tapes of Fairport jamming with Led Zeppelin at the LA Troubadour. Unfortunately they're rumoured to be a bit rude and not in keeping with Fairport's family friendly appearance...

Another good random link is Maartin Allcock was a member of Fairport Convention and goth rockers The Mission at the same time...