Monday, June 23, 2008

Valerie Singleton and The Lavender Hill Mob

The Mail on Sunday's interview with Valerie Singleton is largely concerned with her love life, and in particular the fact that she never had an affair with Joan Armatrading.

But for the lover of British films there is a little nugget of gold hidden in there:

Despairing of my academic future, my parents enrolled me in the Arts Educational School, which was near Oxford Street at the time, studying every kind of dance and drama.

This was a revelation and I was soon in no doubt about what I wished to do with my life.

I danced in pantos at the Finsbury Park Empire and the Kings Theatre in Edinburgh. I sang with the Ovaltineys, advertising the drink on Radio Luxembourg. I even had a tiny part in The Lavender Hill Mob which starred Alec Guinness.

Valerie Singleton in The Lavender Hill Mob? Almost too good to be true. I shall have to watch it again, looking out for her.

Perhaps she is the schoolgirl who refuses to sell her model of the Eiffel Tower?

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HE Elsom said...

According to the IMDB, the Eiffel Tower schoolgirl is Alanna Boyce. You'll just have to watch it again. I see there's a remake out next year....