Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will Chris Huhne stand as Lib Dem President?

Linda Jack has heard rumours that Chris Huhne is considering standing for the Presidency of the Liberal Democrats when Simon Hughes stands down in the autumn. If nothing else, it would explain who paid for that opinion poll the other day.

I have been supporting Ros Scott's campaign on this blog since its launch at last year's Lib Dem Conference., because Ros is a good egg and would make a very good President.

At that time it seemed likely that her only competition would be from Lembit Opik. I am not exactly an "anyone but Lembit" man - I supported him against Simon Hughes last time - but I do believe that the career path he has chosen lately means he (how shall I put it?) lack the necessary gravitas to be Lib Dem President these days.

I supported Chris Huhne in the last two leadership elections (particularly enthusiastically the first time - and who's to say I was wrong?) But I shall not be supporting him as President because I believe that the role should not be filled by an MP.

The real question is not so much who should be President as what the President is for. As Simon Hughes's extraordinary decision to publicly support Nick Clegg in the last leadership election eloquently demonstrated, there is deep and abiding confusion about the role.

I believe Ros is the woman to sort this out.

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