Friday, June 20, 2008

Great Tory By-election Threats of Legal Action of the Past

On July 14 last year, under the headline "Tories to Sue LibDems Over Ealing Leaflet", Iain Dale quoted an unnamed Tory spokesman as follows:

For years we've turned the other cheek as the LibDems have wilfully broken copyright in order to gain political advantage by misrepresenting our material. Now the time has come to say enough is enough.

Yesterday we provided formal notice that we required the copyright infringement to cease, but were disappointed to note that despite an acknowledgement of our request, they actually continued to distribute their copyright infringed material. We have therefore had no alternative but to ask solicitors to draft proceedings which will be presented when the Court opens on Monday morning.

Under the circumstances we will be seeking an injunction and damages. It's quite wrong that the LibDems don't seem to feel that they should be bound by the same copyright laws as everyone else.

This case has gone rather quiet lately, hasn't it?

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