Monday, November 02, 2009

Tory leader of Harborough DC resigns his seat

We live in exciting times here in Market Harborough.

From the Harborough Mail:

The embattled former Harborough Council leader who resigned yesterday has criticised opponents for "questioning his personal integrity".

Shockwaves reverberated through Harborough District Council yesterday (Thursday, Oct 29) as councillors heard of the unexpected resignation of its leader Alistair Swatridge.

Councillors received an email from chief executive Sue Smith saying Cllr Swatridge would be stepping down as both leader and as a ward councillor for Great Bowden.

In fact, Swatridge's ward is Great Bowden and Arden, which means it covers a large part of the old Market Harborough North ward, which (hem, hem) used to elect me.

Still, the Great Bowden part is interesting because it has just emerged that the Tory-run Harborough District Council has allowed a waste disposal company to open a new depot just outside the village without telling the residents:

Angry residents have accused a waste contractor of underhand tactics after it moved to a new depot on the edge of a village – without warning and despite not having planning permission.

The Mail reported last week that Harborough District Council's waste contractor Focsa had submitted plans to relocate from a farm near Theddingworth to a new site in Welham Lane, outside Great Bowden.

But many village residents were left shocked and angry after the firm moved into the site late last week and began operating before the planning application had even been considered by the district council.

In view of that, the forthcoming by-election should be a very interesting one to fight.

I imagine the local Tories will feel that Mr Swatridge has dumped on them from a great height. Equally, his resignation statement suggests the local Conservatives are at each other's throats.

Interesting times.

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dreamingspire said...

So why isn't the Council immediately taking enforcement action to stop the illegal use of the site? Or maybe the residents suing the Council?