Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now it's "Professor" Rupert Matthews

Under the headlines

IMU Professor Rupert Matthews joins the European Parliament!


UFO expert to take place in the European parliament!

The International Metaphysical University celebrates the imminent elevation of Mr Matthews (as we have hitherto known him):
Finally one of our own to take a high seat in the European parliament. He is an expert in UFOs and paranormal activity and is set to become Leicestershire’s voice in the European parliament. The decision by outspoken East Midlands Tory MEP Roger Helmer to quit at the end of the year means that Rupert Matthews, 50, is due to replace him. The father of two has written more than 180 books on history, military and paranormal subjects and has published books by several writers, including Mr Helmer. 
His books include UFOs: A History of Alien Activity from Sightings to Abductions to Global Threat, Unexplained Ghosts and Spirits and The Sasquatch.Mr Matthews also runs an online course about the paranormal on behalf of the International Metaphysical University. He is set to take over the £73,000-a-year Brussels role on December 31.


Steve Cooke said...

The urge to make a Nutty Professor joke here is strong...

wolfi said...

This guy is probably nutty - but not a professor (i e academic) in the usual meaning ...

PS: How come this institution is called a "university" ? Don't you have laws in Britain ensuring some rules on that ?