Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thomas Cook is also commemorated in Kibworth

We have seen that Thomas Cook is commemorated in Leicester and Market Harborough. He is commemorated in Kibworth Harcourt too.

The photograph above shows the village's Congregational chapel, which closed a few years ago, and the neighbouring manse.

As an old article from the Kibworth Chronicle tells the story:
One day in 1841 the world famous traveller, Thomas Cook, was walking from his home in Market Harborough to a Temperance Meeting in Leicester. As he passed the Chapel he had a brilliant idea for his first railway excursion. From this small beginning Thomas Cook went on to establish one of the largest travel organisations in the world.
Sure enough if you peer through the gates of the old chapel, now a private house, you will see a plaque similar to the one in Adam and Eve Street, Market Harborough...

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