Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Six of the Best 210

North Korea is a nation of racist dwarfs, the late Christopher Hitchens explains in an article published by Slate last year.

"If Europe lets the Euro fail it won’t stop there and just because we are outside the Euro, (it) doesn’t mean we won’t suffer the full impact of (the) unintended consequences." The Rambles of Neil Monnery shares the wisdom of a passing banker.

UK Polling Report explains why the Lib Dems always do best in ICM polls and worst in YouGov ones.

"I wonder if he now needs to move outside his sitcom comfort zone of deliberately un-PC fake fly-on-the-wall documentaries as he essentially now just repeating himself for rapidly diminishing returns." Mark Thompson's Blog is not impressed by Ricky Gervais's latest series Life's Too Short.

"John Piper's topographical paintings and prints offer an unparallelled record of mid twentieth-century Britain," says Adventures in the Print Trade.

Creative Review looks forward to the Painting by Numbers exhibition that opens at the London Transport Museum next month: "Painting by Numbers - Making Sense of Statistics will feature 20 London Underground posters, many dating back to the 1930s or earlier. The posters were designed not only to promote the benefits of travelling by London Transport but also in order to wow the travelling public with details of the remarkable service they were (hopefully) enjoying every day."

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