Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Guardian catches up with Liberator's editorial on police commissioner elections

There will be an article in tomorrow's Guardian by the paper's home affairs editor Alan Travis that quotes the editorial of the January issue of Liberator. That editorial is highly critical of the Liberal Democrats' decision not to contest the new police commissioner elections in November - as was this blog.

Travis writes:
The January edition of Liberator, the long-established voice of the party's radical activists, has attacked the decision in virulent terms, calling it "an act of political lunacy". 
Its editorial accuses the party leadership of political cowardice and goes on to ask: "Is this really the party that was prepared to stand up for civil liberty throughout the New Labour years, but which now has nothing to say on how voters are policed or how the police behave?"
The only slightly odd thing about this is that the January issue of Liberator was with subscribers before Christmas. You can read the editorial Travis refers to - it is the second item of Commentary and titled "Running Scared - on the Liberator website.

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