Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The restored Hallaton Helmet is coming to the Harborough Museum

The ceremonial Roman helmet found at Hallaton in Leicestershire in 2000 has been restored and was revealed to the press today.

BBC News quotes Dr Jeremy Hill from the British Museum explaining its significance:
"You can't underestimate the shock and surprise this had when it was first found - Hallaton really transforms our understanding of the Roman conquest of Britain." 
He added: "Even if it went into the ground in 43, 44, 45AD, that is changing what we normally think is happening in the Roman conquest. 
"We normally think of the Roman conquest of Britain as Romans versus us. Here you probably have a situation where local Britons are fighting on the Roman side."
The Hallaton Helmet will be displayed permanently at the Harborough Museum from 28 January alongside the other finds from the site.

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