Saturday, January 14, 2012

Robert Maxwell (Labour) loses his seat at Buckingham

A segment of the the BBC's October 1974 election coverage - there is much more of it on Youtube. Robert Maxwell appears right at the start.


Hywel said...

Result: Maxwell, Crooks

COuldn't make it up!

Dan Falchikov said...

Maxwell lost Buckingham in 1970 - but tried to win it back in both 74 elections (hence his won twice, lost three times comment).

The interesting thing demographically is that Buckingham (which included Milton Keynes at the time) would have been much more favourable to Labour demographically with the growth of the new town between 1964 and 1974. Milton Keynes wasn't actually designated a new town until 1967 and the first housing developments weren't started until the 1970s.

Manfarang said...

I used to read Maxwell's newspaper The European.It was a good paper.
It was a pity Maxwell was murdered, hit on the head and thrown overboard.I wonder by whom?

Mark said...

At 1:25, Alistair Burnett says 'Captain Maxwell'. Did he really run under his wartime rank?