Monday, January 30, 2012

The Guardian, the M25 and the 15th century

Today's Guardian carries the welcome news that English Heritage has bought the Great Barn at Harmondsworth, which John Betjeman once called "the cathedral of Middlesex".

However, I wonder if Maev Kennedy meant what she said in her second sentence:
Just beyond the sprawl of Heathrow, the Great Barn at Harmondsworth has stood between the roaring M25 and the M4 motorways and the straggling warehouse and industrial estates around the airport perimeter since 1426. 
Presumably not, as a revised version now appears on the newspaper's website. Still, the printed version has won her this blog's prestigious Bizarre Newspaper Sentence of the Day award.


Anonymous said...

Award gratefully received, I hope my medal is in the post. I did suffer both 'flu and a startling rewrite of what I originally wrote which caused me to giggle feebly ....

Jonathan Calder said...

I'll see what I can do about a prize.