Monday, January 02, 2012

Six of the Best 214

David Maclean, political correspondent of the Leicester Mercury, explains why the Freedom of Information Act is vital to his work.

Max Atkinson presents 12 video clips that he used last year to illustrate points about the art of making a political speech.

Why are carrots orange? Slugger O'Toole explains.

On ZD Net, Violet Blue looks at the relationship information technology has with depression, suicide and Asperger's syndrome: "My hope is that in reflecting on the losses so many of us have suffered this year, we can take a close look at what makes tech and the startup world a prime environment for incubating and overlooking these issues."

If you have been watching the reruns of Top of the Pops from 1976 with mingled horror and derision, you will be interested in a guest post on Yes It's Number One. There Former Saint Etienne member Bob Stanley offers a limited defence of the year's music - or at least argues that 1975 was worse.

Cinebeats looks at Live It Up! and Be My Guest - the mod musicals of Lance Comfort: "Live It Up! provides viewers with a brief but unforgettable glimpse of a more innocent time just moments before pirate radio, drugs, shorter skirts, Beatlemania and the merseybeat sound would transform the capital city into 'Swinging London.'."

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NNelly said...

Nice work Jonathan.
However isn't Bob Stanley STILL a member of St Etienne?
Picky I know, unless of course you are privvy to some information us fans aren't??!