Monday, January 30, 2012

Mayfair Parish Council?

The Evening Standard carries the intriguing news that there are to moves for Mayfair to become the first area of central London to have its own parish council in almost half a century.

It quotes a resident as saying the recent dispute over Westminster City Council's attempts to introduce new parking:
"proved that there was a democratic deficit. We need a model that works and this is it."
The report also says that church leaders are among those promoting the idea, but I hope they have grasped the difference between a parish council and a parochial church council.


mayfair minicab said...

Do you not think using a Parish council would cause conflict in the area from minority ethnic groups?

Anonymous said...

It seems to be mostly the anti-parking charges lobby that wants a parish council in Mayfair. Though I wonder if the churches involved the local mosque in their anti-parking charges campaign?